The Basics

We add enterprise-caliber search to your website at a fraction of the price, and without a lengthy and complex technical implementation process. We also provide complementary features like content recommendations, personalization, analytics and more. 

It's simple!

  • Step 1: We index your website and build a model
  • Step 2: You add one line of code
  • Step 3: Your visitors reap the rewards

In the visitor’s browser, that line of code communicates with Slickstream servers and will add engagement features based on the customization choices you make. No layout changes are needed on your site and Slickstream works with any CMS. The whole process from signup to implementation can take less than 24 hours.

All of our features are included in your Slickstream for Business subscription, with no upsells or add-ons. This means site search, filmstrips, content grids, favoriting, membership, and analytics will all work on your site right out of the box, and you can pick and choose which tools are right for you without worrying if they're included.
We can have a demo page ready for you in just hours. From there, you would tweak the look and feel based on your preferences and could go live sitewide as soon as you want. Some users have Slickstream fully up and running within one day of signing up - it’s really that simple.

Pricing and Performance

Slickstream for Business costs a flat rate of $250 per month, and includes all of our features with no pricey add-ons.

This covers websites with up to 2,000,000 monthly pageviews and 2,000 indexable pages, but we can accommodate larger sites as well.

We offer a robust analytics portal to track search data, clickthrough, content connections and a number of key performance indicators. We also integrate with Google Analytics, enabling you to see our impact on goal conversion on-site behavior.
We have plans for this, but currently only support a monthly subscription plan.

Everything Else

Adding Slickstream to your site is easy, and so is removing it if it turns out we're not a good fit. All you have to do is remove the embed code and cancel your subscription via your user portal, and your site will return to the way it was. There are no long-term contracts, cancelation fees or technical hurdles to worry about. 
Yes we do! Our underlying recommendation technology is not English-specific, and we have already localized the Engagement Suite for German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Russian, Danish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and more. Reach out to us and we can confirm if we support your language too.
We can have a live, interactive demo page of a Slickstream implementation on your site within hours. Once you've had a chance to review and customize the demo page, we offer a full-featured 30-day free trial across your entire site. Get started here!